Arena and Manege construction
Groundlines are available to consult with you on your requirements for your manège or arena. Depending on a variety of aspects plus your budget, we will be able to recommend the correct solution for you. 
Equestrian Arena Construction
Manege Construction
Manege construction
We can work with lower priced wood fibre surfaces through to pro grade wax surfaces: 
➤ Sand 
Our pro grade silica sand has no silt or clay particles and the angulated shape of the granules means the surface stays firm and it provides excellent drainage., 
Cheaper sands simply don't perform as they ride deep and soft and they don't drain in wet periods which is why we do not use these. High silt content will also result in blocked membranes which will stop drainage and the surface will fail. 
➤ Rubber 
Still a popular surface is rubber shred or chip. It provides a fairly low maintenance surface which is tried and tested as well as being cost effective. This surface helps prevent freezing in winter and water retention in summer. 
➤ Stabilizing Fibres 
Can either be supplied pre mixed with pro-grade sand or a less expensive alternative is to mix the fibres onsite. This helps to bind the sand together and give a more turf-like riding surface for your arena. 
➤ Waxed 
Waxed surfaces are the top end choice for the professional finish. These surfaces are created by mixing sand, fibre and rubber which is gelled together with wax providing a variety of grades for different uses. 
We are happy to explain the differences between the surface types and will work with you to provide the correct one for your needs. 
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For more information or to book our services please call us on 01327 855955 or 07767 601170. Alternatively please click here to complete our short contact form. 
Arena Construction 
➤ Preparation 
Any top soil removed is retained for landscaping or removed from site if you prefer. Top soil is never used for levelling. If there is a need for cut and fill, we use the most effective method and laser technology is used to achieved the perfect level. 
➤ Drainage 
The drainage in and around your arena is of paramount importance. Depending on the soil type we will provide the correct drainage and right amount of drains to cope with all circumstances. If your arena has been levelled and the surrounding ground is sloping we will provide a cut off drain to prevent run off water which can be worse than direct rainfall. 
We use 100mm perforated land drain pipe with membranes in the bottom of the trench which is back filled with clean free draining stone or shingle. 
➤ Sub Base 
Using either granite or good quality lime stone we endeavour to use local product but will never substitute this for quality. We never use recycled material as this will quickly degrade. The sub base is layered over a ground membrane at a depth of 150mm when compacted. 
➤ Top Membrane 
At Groundlines we use non woven Geotex needle punctured membrane with heat welded overlaps. The only circumstance in which we would recommend an alternative is with the western riding fraternity where a looser surface is required and we would suggest open knit tarmac over stone. 
➤ Fencing 
Your arena will be finished off with fencing and/or retaining boards as appropriate to your needs. Please click here for more information. 
Round pens and lunge rings are built to the same specification with the exception of using high (7 foot) close board fencing. 
Large arenas for Polo are a speciality of Groundlines 
We offer free site surveys and advice and all of our work is fully guaranteed subject to proper maintenance. 
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